Monday, June 8, 2009

weekend with the Revolutionaries

This weekend was pretty awesome (beginning Thursday actually).

I got to spend a few days with 2 of my best friends in the world = Ethan & Jim. We've been tight for I guess 8 years now... like 1/3 of our lives. I'm privileged to be Ethan's best man this summer... in about 7 weeks actually. (We were together because of a conference we were all at in Durham... which you know I'll be posting my takeaways later this week here on the blog.)The 3 of us are passionate for God to be famous in our world. We have that very similar passion and are bent on changing the world in revolutionary ways. The 3 of us are striving to be revolutionaries in every sense of the word.
SO... this past weekend we had our very 1st "REVOLUTIONARY ROUNDTABLE". That's the pic you see above. We met at James Joyce Irish Pub in downtown Durham. VERY classic place for a revolutionary roundtable... (as you can see from the pic above). I mean seriously, that old time Irish pub is just the epitome of where revolutionary meetings like this must go down! it couldn't be any other way!

A girl at my seminary tonight saw the above pic & said we're like "The Inklings" (Their pub pictured to the right). haha, I don't know about that, but hopefully we will put our own mark on the world before we leave it.

What goes down at one of these Revolutionary Roundtables you ask? Gotta be some good wings 1st of all as we are all hot wing lovers. (both these guys were some of the original "Kooter Browns clan" that I mentioned in an earlier post HERE.) & we definitely had some great talks - about God, doubts, ministry, fears, changing the world, wives, the future for each of us and LIFE. good times!

But we were together for the weekend so it was really a Revolutionary weekend, not just a one night thing.
Oh, and there's ALWAYS lots of laughs when we get together. & lots of crazy stories with wild details. Unfortunately we don't get to hang out as much as we did back in the day or as much as we want to since life has led us to different parts of the country... but when we do get together it's just like old times and we don't miss a beat. From now on when we get to be together for a few days, we'll be strategic about having a little Revolutionary Roundtable.

I think these will continue for years & years. I can seriously see us in like 50 years at an old Irish Pub talking about how God has used us in crazy ways in His Kingdom and to spread His renown. That's what we're all about & I know that's what we'll be all about when our white hair is flowing & we're walking with canes.
Eventually we'll have to come from different continents to hook up for these roundtables... That'll be sweet. I bet the stories we tell then will be even crazier.

*I'm thankful for friends like these guys with identical hearts... Looking forward to revolutionizing this planet along with them. I have a feeling that this first "official" Revolutionary Roundtable might be something that turns out to be quite historic (in our lives anyway)... Looking back 50 years from now I pray that our world will be a different place because of the 3 guys sitting around that table and the God they love.


ethan welch said...

It really was a revolutionary night. Sometimes I feel like I have to force conversations about God when I'm with certain people, but not with you guys. It flows naturally from our hearts because we're driven by a desire to see Jesus made much of in our own lives and the lives of others.

You've got me dreaming again bro. Don't let me ever get stagnant and complacent in my faith. Jesus didn't die for me to do that.

You guys are awesome! I'm looking forward to our next meeting in a few weeks!!

Scott Grace said...

Dude, I am jealous. Can I be an honorary member of the revolutionary roundtable?

Lopo said...

Dude, The Inklings was the first thing I thought of to, haha.

patrick mitchell said...

Right on Ethan... never stop dreaming bro!
Scott- absolutely man. you need to come crash our next one. we'd be honored. you're the only one with a real live ThM... haha :)
Lopo- that made me laugh

Scott said...

Cool. Wish I coulda been there. Need some good roundtable inspiration these days. :) Miss all of you guys.

patrick mitchell said...

scott, i wish you were there too man! you should've been part of it. you are welcome any time bro! hope all is well in the big TX. talk to you soon buddy...