Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cool way to celebrate life change @ Ridge Church

I am so thankful & stoked & privileged to be a part of a church that is celebrating the right things!!! And not only celebrating them but REALLY celebrating them in awesome ways.
Just one simple example of this is our Family Birthday Celebration we had this past Sunday. (Some links to my posts about our previous Family Bday Celebration = HERE, & HERE.) It is simply like a HUGE blowout Birthday Party for kids who have become followers of Jesus. They were baptized at the party & they get to say some funny and serious spiritual stuff on video + there was birthday cake & ice cream & presents!

Probably one of the coolest times of the night was after the kids were baptized and came back in the big room with all the peeps. The audience stood up and went crazy cheering for what they had just done = making a statement to everyone that they believe in Jesus & are followers of Him. Definitely something worthy to cheer for. Everyone stood up and kept cheering for what seemed like a few minutes! Pretty awesome. Definitely a moment these kids will never forget.

*I also loved seeing the big circle of family & friends ("prayer partners") around each kid to pray for the future of their spiritual journey... it was a really powerful time for sure.

These kids' baptism - their spiritual birthday party - was a big deal & we treated it like a big deal by really celebrating it right.

I get pretty choked up & jacked up thinking about what we get to be a part of. God is doing some awesome things in lives in our city! He gets all the glory for it... we get to celebrate it!

Below are some random pics from the night. I'll also be posting some cool videos from the event - so be looking out for those! For some of my Pastor's thoughts on the night, click HERE.

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