Friday, October 16, 2009

quotes of the week #13 - Catalyst 09 labs edition

these quotes are from Catalyst '09 Labs - the Wednesday that kicks off Catalyst before most people show up. Totally worth the money! But in case you missed it, here are some of my favorite quotes from the Labs I went to... (You can read my summary of Labs HERE.)

THE #1 quote of Labs:
Character will determine how far we go and whether or not we like ourselves when we get there.” – Mike Foster, author & founder of Ethur, XXX Church, the Junky Car Club, Deadly Viper, etc... [Mike is the man! His session was awesome. He has been gracious enough to interact with me the past couple years, but we finally got to meet in person last Wednesday, so we snapped a pic with Crystal, Mike, & me.)

[speaking about people living in extreme poverty and what the Church's response should be...] “Not on our shift, baby, is this going to be happening.”Alan Hirsch, author with a cool British accent [this guy was AWESOME!]

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go with others.” – David Gergen (via Mike Foster)
“Fame is the most toxic and dangerous drug right now.” - Jon Acuff, blogger & author [great guy & also very gracious to me in the past. HILARIOUS blog that YOU should read! It's been linked on my blog since almost the beginning = "Stuff Christians Like". oh, & not to mention, what a stellar quote!]

“There’s 2 reasons for doing everything. A good reason and the real reason.” – Mike Foster

"Sociologically, the middle class is OBSESSED with safety & security! This is the CORE of the middle class.”Alan Hirsch [and that sucks because it's true!]
"The violence that oral cultures experience when print is introduced is NOTHING compared to what happens to us in electronic culture..." - Shane Hipps, pastor and author [this guy is wicked smart. can't wait to blog about his sessions...]  

“It does more justice to gay people to not make them an issue. Make Jesus the issue.” – Bishop John Rucyhana, Bishop of Rwanda [Brilliant… we should know this naturally though.]

**"You will not replace your salary via the mission. Just follow the mission & don’t worry about the salary." Mike Foster [could have easily been the quote of the week!]
[speaking about social justice...] “You can’t make a program out of it. It’s a lifestyle.” – Chris Seay, pastor, author, founder of Advent Conspiracy

[speaking to worship leaders/worship pastors] "If no one is following you throughout the week, you're probably just a good singer." - Aaron Keyes, worship leader

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”Warren Buffett (via Mike Foster)

“The electronic age has given humanity an ear for an eye.” – Marshall Mcluhan (via Shane Hipps)

“It’s time to put the adventure back in the venture of church.” – Alan Hirsch
"God’s will doesn’t come through 'yes' & 'no' answers… they come through wisdom & the wisdom of God’s Word!" – Mike Foster


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