Monday, October 5, 2009

Catalyst this week... (happy 10 year anniversary!)

It's that time again... basically my favorite conference on the planet (And my wife's fav too - you can read her original famous quote about Catalyst HERE.)

Catalyst '09 is already here! I can't believe it! It seems like it was just a few weeks ago I was at Catalyst '08. I'm so stoked.
Happy 10 year anniversary to Catalyst! I've been following for about 4 years total now... You can read some of my thoughts about Catalyst from last year HERE.

I'm going to "Labs" again this year after missing out on Labs @ Catalyst '08. Labs always rock & this year we'll get to hear from these awesome peeps at Labs:
Reggie Joiner & Perry Noble in the "Pre-Lab" + peeps like Chris Seay, Shane Hipps, Margaret Feinberg, Andy Crouch, Mark Batterson, Matt Chandler, Alan Hirsch, Ed Stetzer, Nancy Ortberg, Anne Jackson, Matthew Sleeth, Carlos Whittaker, Jeff Shinabarger, and Reggie McNeal.
*Those are just the ones I plan on trying to hit up... there are tons more on top of that. That lineup alone seems good enough to be a "main conference" lineup! But this is just the day before the conference technically starts! That's pretty stellar!

*Here's the "big boys" who are speaking on the main stage. I'm so pumped to learn from these awesome leaders:
Mr. Catalyst himself (who always speaks at the 1st & last session) - Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio (my fav), Malcolm Gladwell (with the pimpest hair! - stoked about hearing this genius!), Rob Bell (one of my favs), Dave Ramsey (they call me a "Ramsey-ite"), Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, & a couple pro sports stars = Tony Dungy & Josh Hamilton! + several other great leaders...

This conference is going to be so pimp. And I'm definitely stoked my wife is coming with me again!
I'm assuming Lanny & Reggie will be hosting again which ALWAYS renews us with tons of laughter!
Steve Fee leading us in worship again too (among many others...). The worship at Catalyst is always an amazing time of renewal & re-energizing! Fee's new CD comes out tomorrow too. (Some recent thoughts on that HERE.)

I'm looking forward to so much about Catalyst this year. I always see SO MANY friends at the conference from around the country. It's a great chance to catch up. I learn SO MUCH & am challenged in unbelievable ways.
I'm really excited this year and thankful that a friend of mine hooked me up with free tickets & again excited that some other friends are gracious enough to hook us up with a free place to stay! So thankful & looking forward to the awesome experience.
(+ Me & Crystal are going to the U2 concert in ATL tomorrow night!!! but more on that tomorrow!)

Did I mention yet that I'm stoked?

I'll definitely be posting as much as I can here on renown while I'm at Catalyst & then all my takeaways after the conference is over too - so look out for all of that! I'll be killing it on Twitter about the conference too + you can follow along with everyone with the hashtag = #Cat09

Also, check out the most recent post on Catalyst's offficial blog = Catalyst Top 10 (Things u need to know for '09) HERE.

So, are YOU gonna be there?

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