Monday, September 13, 2010

a couple things to think about when you leave for a month

when i was 20 i went to Africa for 3 months. i didn't think twice about anything... didn't feel like i left anything behind. just up and went & when i came back i didn't miss a beat.

so, when Crystal and i decided to go to Kenya for a month i thought to myself "that's nothing."
BUT, it's way different now. SO MUCH more to do. so much more to think about and loose ends to tie up here at home.

so, here are just a few things to think about when you're leaving for a month:
-  we doubled our life insurance. i'm just sayin'.

-  we're having a big guy stay at our house with a big gun. + my big cunning dog appropriately named Jack Bauer. so don't get any ideas just because we're gone for a month.

-  you gotta pay bills early. so we don't come back with our power cut off...

-  You would think i might be worried about the ministries i work with at Ridge Church. BUT, there are so many awesome leaders at Ridge, that i really have no concern. it's all good. and i pray that everything is better and smoother without me. maybe not that hard.

-  learn a new language. it helps. but i have to admit that Swahili is the hardest language i've ever tried to learn.

-  have a back up plan for everything.

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