Wednesday, September 22, 2010

teaching in Karima Primary School

Jambo from Kenya everybody! Habari ya asubuhi? mzuri sana...

The past 2 days i have had the opportunity to teach in the Karima Primary School. this is the school for 1st-8th graders in the village of Karima. (but there are 15 year old kids in 5th grade, etc...)

I have taught 3 different classes the last 2 days. the more Swahili i can speak, the better they can track with me. i got a Swahili Bible Tuesday too.
These kids are so easy to connect with. sometimes it's hard to tell if they're "getting it". but by the end it's obvious they're with me.

i've simply been talking to each class about the greatest thing they can do. Jesus told us the greatest thing we could ever do (the Great Commandment) = love God and love people... love our neighbor.

I got to have a lot of fun with them going through Luke 10 and that story... the whole story of the Samaritan helping the Jew. the kids were acting the story out + different sections shouting stuff out together at the top of their lungs.

the best part is at the end of the story when Jesus says "Go and do likewise" -> so for all of us = go & do the exact same thing = LOVE, show compassion for your friends and enemies... always. just like this Samaritan guy.
They talk through ways they can respond to their enemies like Jesus wants them to and how they can show love to everyone... since it's obvious that everyone is our "neighbor".

On Tuesday i also hung out at a home in Karima, but i'll try to save that story for it's own post. pretty awesome.

i get to go out with each class for "PE" which is basically "free time". when i get done teaching they all want me to play "kandanda" (soccer) with them, so we get all excited and go out to the "field". then i ask where the ball is & they don't have one. bummer.

so Tuesday we brought one and i took it out to the field with my class and there was a straight up MOB. hundreds of kids mobbed me. for some reason i thought they would organize into teams... haha.
they just ran around kicking the ball in circles like a big swarm of bees.

so, i organized a little soccer tournament which was pretty fun and challenging with the Swahili i know. teams of 6 & we just played 5 minute games. they made "goals" with their gum boots. i had them all pick team names and they were all like Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, etc... i was cracking up.

good times. these kids have absolutely captured my heart. it's all over for me. their unbridled joy and love for life in their circumstances absolutely overwhelm me. i could spend all day every day with them.
i can literally feel God's love for them so so strongly. i just want to make sure they feel it. i want to make sure they know that they are prized and loved. i hope they "get it."


Josh Via said...

Dude. Love your heart man!! Keep preaching Jesus! We'll be in Uganda in less than 2 weeks. Love ya man.

patrick mitchell said...

thx bro!
what day do u leave again? if u feel like hopping across the border u can come hang out with us at this orphanage we're living/working at.
let me know when u leave & how i could pray for u guys!