Monday, September 27, 2010

letters to Erick (from Upstreet kids)

By the time you are reading this we have probably already met Erick and will be hanging out with him all day! we get to see his home, his school, his church, and meet his doctor! i am so excited.
**The kids in Upstreet at Ridge Church wrote a TON of letters to Erick. they are AWESOME! i just picked out a few phrases from a few of the letters. ENJOY!

pretty much EVERYONE wrote about being excited Erick could go to school & they hope he's making good grades, learning a lot, having fun at school, etc...
"Dear Erick, it was awesome to read about how you go to church and how you play the drums. It felt really good to hear that we were going to help you. My family has been praying for you. I've been really happy to hear how you're doing."
"I hope you have everything you need to have a great lifetime. love, an Upstreet kid, Josie."
"I think we have a lot in comen, like we both like soccer. And this is my letter to you. I hope you like it. P.S. - tell Patrick to learn your language."

"I hope your having a great day so far. I just want you to know we will all ways know your there And we care for you. thank patric for sending you all these letters and ask him why he looks so weird.  and if he really does give you the picture of all of us Im proply going to be on the top row and I have bright blond hair. Avery - P.S. - I am a boy and i know my nam souds like a girl. But is not"

"my favorite thing is my stuffed animals named bunny. what is one of your favorite things? my favorite subject in school is science too."

"I also hope that you are learning about God. Recently, I had a birthday party. I raised about $40 for you. I hope you can use the money...
when was  your birthday. whenever you had it, I wish you a happy birthday."

"Dear Erick, I hope that you do not get sic that much. Love Lily"

"Dear Erick, I hapy you hav fun in Keney - Love Aidan."

one girl wrote "I love to play soccer and dodge ball." then included a detailed picture and description of how to play dodge ball on the back! it was awesome.

"Dear Erick, I hope you have fun at school and I think your cool. by Trinity"

"I hope you like the money we gave you. You smiling makes me smile." (with a BIG smiley face)

We are going to meet him in just a few hours (around 3AM monday morning EST). He is an 8 year old who lives in Tharaka, Kenya - an extremely poor village. Erick is a boy who really had no hope about 2 years ago.
But some kids around his age in Upstreet decided that wasn't OK. They decided that it's not OK for him to grow up without a chance to go to school. they decided it wasn't OK for him to die as a child from some preventable disease. They decided it wasn't OK for him to die without knowing about Jesus. 
so, they did something about it. God had blessed them, so they sacrificed some of that money God has blessed them with and send it to Compassion to support Erick. He has a new life now. He has hope. he is BLESSED.
Tomorrow Crystal and i get to meet him and shower gifts and blessings on him and a bundle of letters from the Upstreet kids (which i crack up laughing AND cry while reading!). we get to see and experience and hopefully capture his new life... the POWERFUL change that the small actions of kids have made in his life!
pretty stoked to meet him. will definitely be posting ASAP about this experience!

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