Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's true

the statement is definitely true that John Maxwell made -

"You are always most productive the week before you leave town."

so true, Johnny. & he was just talking about for a vacation.

i am finding i'm having possibly the most productive week of my life! i think i must have talked to at least 100 people already this week...

my wife and i are about to leave for Kenya (1 week from this morning!) and we will be there for 1 month!

all along i've been thinking it won't be a big deal because i was in Africa another time for a few months... BUT yesterday i realized that was when i was 19 or 20... and i was in college... and had not a care in the world. when you're 20 you can go anywhere and do anything for any amount of time.

way more to take care of this time. but thanks to God's grace and some very long days it will be all good.

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