Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Advent Conspiracy. It's something I've been excited about for 1 year. [Please watch the Video in YESTERDAY'S POST!] I'm so stoked to share it with all of you. Here's what it's about. 

The story of Christ's birth is a story of promise, hope, and a revolutionary love. So, what happened? What was once a time to celebrate the birth of a savior has somehow turned into a season of stress, traffic jams, and shopping lists.

And when it's all over, many of us are left with presents to return, looming debt that will take months to pay off, and this empty feeling of missed purpose. Is this what we really want out of Christmas? What if Christmas became a world-changing event again?... Welcome to Advent Conspiracy.(ADVENT begins next week, by the way, & maybe I'll explain that in tomorrow's post.)

2 guys I love to read & follow started this thing called Advent Conspiracy. They are Chris Seay (Ecclesia) and Rick McKinley (Imago Dei Community). I have crazy respect for these men. I have followed them for years and I really believe their hearts are extremely similar to Jesus' heart. Below is a quick video of Rick explaining what the idea of Advent Conspiracy (AC) is all about.
Rick just explained it better than I ever could. Being part of the AC is all about 4 things = worship fully, spend less, give more, love all. That's what I'm going to make this Advent all about in my life in every way I can think of.

It just so happens that my birthday also falls during advent... not just Christmas. I learned about Advent Conspiracy right around last Christmas and a passion was ignited in me that was SO strong! I told Crystal that next Christmas + on my birthday I didn't want any presents for me. What do I need anything for??? Are you kidding me? I'm pretty sure if I never got anything more for the rest of my life I'd be good. I'm always going to have clean water and food and clothes. I'm way ahead of the average. I told her I wanted to make a difference and use that money people would buy me gifts with for some type of LIFE SAVING project! And here it is...

People are dying simply because they don't have access to clean water. In fact, it's the leading cause of death in under resourced countries. 1.8 million people die every year from water born illnesses. That includes 3,900 children a day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Just because they don't have the clean water that we take for granted!!! The solution to this problem is directly beneath our feet. Drilling a fresh water well is a relatively inexpensive, yet permanent solution to this epidemic. $10 will give a child clean water for life. So, $10 will save a child's life!!! That's not an estimate. It's a fact. And here's another fact: Solving this water problem once and for all will cost about $10 billion. Not bad considering Americans spent $450 billion on Christmas last year. WOW! just spend a little less & give a little more = we really worship Jesus fully & love all in a BIG way! Our hope is that, by celebrating Christ in a new way at Christmas, the church can serve as the leading movement behind ending the water crisis once and for all.

So, for all of you who would normally get me a birthday gift or a Christmas present... (not that many of you really... probably just the same handful of people who read this blog) ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS (and my birthday on December 3rd) is for you to take the $ you would have spent on my gift and donate it to Living Water International. They will use 100% of the money (no administrative costs) to build wells in Liberia, Peru, India, and the Sudan so that dying people can have clean water & LIVE! I cannot POSSIBLY think of a gift you could ever get me that would be better than that. You can donate HERE.

much much more to come on this. I'll be sharing more tomorrow probably. Just wanted you to know early.

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