Friday, February 6, 2009

andy & craig. Catalyst One Day. Chazown & Visioneering!

Catalyst ONE DAY is coming up again soon. February 26th. It's going to be stellar I'm sure. It's @ North Point & it's just 1 day of Andy & Craig talking about leadership & MOMENTUM!

Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel for a whole day! What more do you want?

But I have a suggestion to propose to both of them. I think that in addition to teaming up at the Catalyst One Day events they should promote/sell 2 of their books in a combo pack as a 2 book sequel type deal! Seriously! Craig's Chazown 1st & then Andy's Visioneering as the Sequel. I'm so glad I read them in that order... worked out perfect for me.

Chazown is a book that really put some practical feet to the passion God birthed in me years ago. I read it about a year and a half ago & it is definitely in my TOP 3 BOOKS OF ALL TIME! You need to read it TODAY! Seriously, go buy it HERE & read it NOW!
It will help you figure out what you were BORN to do by figuring out your core values, spiritual gifts, & how your past experiences play into all that. I especially enjoyed writing my own epitaph! Everything changes once you know specifically why you are on earth.

(Actually, I was at a bookstore @ Concord Mills a couple weeks ago & they had 2 copies of Chazown for only $7.88! It's like $20 @ regular stores! GO BUY IT!!!)

Visioneering is Andy's personal favorite book he's ever written. I heard him say it himself. I had read like 5-6 of his books at the time & then I heard him say that. I started reading it that same day. It is the PERFECT sequel to Chazown! It takes your "chazown"/purpose & helps you work out that VISION even more specifically. Following Nehemiah's story it gives practical steps to follow until your vision - "what you think could be & SHOULD be" - happens. After you read Chazown you can buy Visioneering HERE.

All this to set up some upcoming blogs where I'll be posting my takeaways and all the wisdom I gained from these 2 books. Plus I'll share some of how I'm practically applying this stuff. Of course stuff from Chazown will be 1st & Visioneering 2nd.
***Monday will be my 1st post from Chazown. It's gonna be pimp!

(Here's Andy himself talking about the Catalyst One Day events)

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