Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! - IMAGINE 2010

I love new beginnings, fresh starts, kicking off something new, setting goals, starting again, etc... So I love starting the new year! in just a few hours it will be 2010, so on behalf of the renown blog let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!
I love being a part of Ridge Church! We're kicking off 2010 with "IMAGINE" at Ridge Church starting this Sunday - January 3rd. Our lead pastor Chris Brown will be tag teaming this series with Andy Stanley from North Point. It's gonna be an awesome time to imagine what 2010 could be like for Ridge Church.
& it's the kind church we really want to be a part of... January 3rd is going to be awesome! It's about how Jesus LOVED to hang out with non-religious people and how they LOVED to hang out with Him. The religious people did NOT like Jesus. at all.
For some reason most churches today are the opposite! why? I write about that a lot. like HERE.
At Ridge we want to be about the people Jesus was about. We want to be with those irreligious people who aren't "church people."
Come hang out with us January 3rd if you're in Charlotte with nowhere to be! 9 &11AM.

A couple quick updates:
In Upstreet we're continuing to support Erick through Compassion International again this year. We did Project Generosity again & raised money for him the past 2 months as we talked about the virtues of Cooperation & Compassion. It's been awesome to see elementary kids "GET IT" and be passionate about supporting a boy their age who lives in poverty in Kenya. We've almost got enough money to support him for another year!

In Student Impact we finished our Advent Conspiracy series. I was moved to see teenagers get the whole concept (which you can catch up on HERE). We've got a couple weeks left after Christmas to raise money for the well we want to build.

Because of being involved in those 2 Christmas initiatives through Ridge Church, Christmas is SO MUCH more meaningful these days!

I hope your Christmas was awesome and meaningful too. and again... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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