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what's in my iPod? - North Point Live: AWAKE

North Point's 3rd live album - AWAKE - released this Tuesday. I'm going to go ahead and say it's their best yet! And that's saying A LOT because their 1st 2 were awesome. (You can read my review of their 2nd live album HERE - Louder than Creation.)

Unfortunately 2 great worship leaders are missing from this live album (Chrystina Fincher & Kristian Stanfill) but it is still their best & several new voices made it on the album.

I am most excited about track 13 on this album! I actually just mentioned that chorus in my review of Steve Fee's brilliant CD - Hope Rising. You can read my thoughts on that awesome album HERE.
The song I am most excited about I figured wouldn't make it on an actual CD for a long time! So I'm doubly stoked to see it on this CD. It's just a chorus that Steve has been adding onto Hillsong United's The Stand & he calls it "No One Higher". It's amazing and I've had some intense corporate times of worship with that little chorus. It goes like this:
There is no one higher, no one greater 
No one like our God
There is none more able, Christ our Savior
Great and glorious

The other awesome worship songs on this album from Steve Fee are God Is Alive & We Crown You (both written along with Eddie Kirkland), Rise and Sing, and Glory to God Forever. I wrote about each of them HERE.

Eddie Kirkland also leads a few songs on this album that are awesome! My favorite would have to be track #2 - Bless Your Name (also written with Todd Fields and Steve Fee). It's one of my most favorite songs on the whole CD. You can almost tell it was written by these 3 awesome worship leaders! You can feel impressions from each of them in this song. I love it!
*This song really expresses what is in a passionate worshipper's heart. This song helps create an incredible worship experiecnce... I believe it's the kind of song God loves to hear.
"We have come to worship a mighty God/ We have come to lift up a joyful song 
Let us praise the King/ Let us praise the King of Glory
We will respond to love and mercy He has shown us
We will respond to all the great things He has done
Let us praise the King/ Let us praise the King of Glory
Here in this moment/ Here in our lives
Now and forever/ Be glorified
Holy, holy Lord Almighty/ All the earth is praising Your name
Holy, Holy God of Glory/ Open up the heavenly gates
As we bless Your name
With grateful hearts we enter in the presence of a faithful God
The Father of an endless love...
...You are worthy/ You are worthy
You are worthy of all our praise
You are holy/ You are holy
God of Glory we bless Your name..."
(when those 3 worship leader/song writers are leading together all the time at North Point's campuses, you know those are some amazing times!)

Another that has been out for a while and was on Eddie's Orthodoxy CD is Hands of the Healer:
"Glory to the King who gave His life/ Glory to the Lamb of sacrifice
Beautiful and broken/ Holiness and love
Glorious the wounded hands of God"

And finally Forever Changed is, in my opinion, another great reflective worship song from Eddie. It's awesome to help us sit and remember what God has done in us.
"Forever, I am changed by mercy/ Forever, my heart is alive
Forever, I am Yours my Savior/ Forever, my hope is Christ"

Todd Fields (the guy Andy taught to lead worship) also has some great new songs on the CD.
Todd wrote Nothing Can Separate Us together with Matt Redman and Christy Nockels... it actually reminds me of a Matt Redman tune. It's a great song. Right from the end of Romans 8 (I love that passage of Scripture).
"Nothing can separate us/ From the love of Jesus
Hell may come against us/ Our God will prevail
Whatever may befall us/ Our Savior reigns victorious
Nothing can separate us from His love
Not life, not death/ Nor any other power
No height, no depth Could keep us from Your love"

My fav song from Todd on this album is probably Jesus Reigns that he wrote with Eddie Kirkland.  These two led it for us at N*Rich this year and it was an amazing time of worship! (Seth Condrey is actually singing it on the CD though.) The chorus is so simple, but awesome...
"Forever our hope is in the King of Glory
Jesus reigns/ Forever Jesus reigns
Let the redeemed proclaim/ Forever Jesus reigns"

Glorious is also a great worship song that Todd wrote along with Steve Fee. What an awesome song to sing to God... just to tell Him how glorious He is, above all things, the King of glory.
"You are glorious
Above all things/ You’re glorious
We crown You King 
Lord Jesus, God with us/ You are glorious
Holy, holy/ One and Only/ You are glorious
King of Glory/ Strong and mighty/ You are glorious"

Ryan Stuart (who looks incredibly young!) leads Tim Hughes' awesome worship anthem - My Everything & does a great job with it. This is the song that will be stuck in your head and you'll be belting out in the shower days later.
My favorite part is the bridge that builds and builds in intensity. it is SO powerful!
"Christ in me • Christ in me • Christ in me the hope of glory • You are everything •• You are everything"

Cori Moon is the only female worship leader that makes it on this CD. She leads Christy Nockels' A Mighty Fortress. Cori has an awesome voice. The song is awesome with that kind of BIG voice Christy Nockels feel... awesome, God-exalting lyrics:
"A mighty fortress is our God/ A sacred refuge is Your name
Your kingdom is unshakable/ With You forever we will reign
Our God is jealous for His own
None could comprehend His love and His mercy
Our God is exalted on His throne
High above the heavens/ Forever He’s worthy"

**I am telling you that you have to go buy this CD today. It is one of the top 3 worship albums of 2009! Maybe the best

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