Tuesday, December 1, 2009

world AIDS day

As you saw in the video above, today is World AIDS Day. I pray that one day we'll be celebrating "The END of AIDS Day" after we defeat it!

The video above is from Compassion's blog that I follow. They have an awesome program where you can help fight AIDS for only $8 a month! One of the children we sponsor lives in an AIDS infected area. He is an orphan & we assume his parents died of AIDS. For $8 per month we help fight back for his life.

Pretty crazy that the AIDS time line has basically followed the time line of my life. The epidemic began about the same time I did. I pray constantly that God will somehow use me in helping to end it for good.

You can also check out another blog I follow and what they're saying today over at the ONE Campaign blog.

(Also good to see that the top 3 trending topics on Twitter today are #worldaidsday, HIV, & Africa)

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