Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NOW project highlight video

At Ridge Church we have been engaged in the NOW Project! I wrote all about the NOW Project HERE and about Ridge serving the homeless in Charlotte for the NOW Project HERE.
I think this kind of stuff is what Jesus would be up to if He lived in Charlotte.
In November we loved and served a few hundred homeless people in uptown Charlotte. here are some highlights...

Jesus was all about the poor and the abandoned and the outcasts. I hope that at Ridge Church we are ALWAYS about helping the same people as Jesus was. We want this to become who we are.


John said...

Patrick and Ridge Church Staff,

AWESOME video, very inspiring!!! The picture that sent chills up my spine is the picture of the two little boys where one is handing the other one Pizza. I will be sharing this with the staff at our church here in the Chicago area.

John Gilmore

patrick mitchell said...

Thanks John. I agree that that image is awesome!
Hope Christmas is awesome for you up there in CHI-town man. peace.