Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Ridge Church

These are just a couple funny videos re-telling a few of your favorite Christmas stories from the Ridge Church staff. Hope you enjoy!

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Carol

Hope that gave you a laugh for Christmas. Enjoy tonight and tomorrow!


farotech said...

I was looking to contact you however I can't find any of your contact information on your blog.

My name is Chris Carr. I run an organization that does clean water projects in Africa. I stumbled upon your blog and I was wondering if we could talk.


Chris Carr

patrick mitchell said...

Hey Chris,
Your name sounds really familiar. have we met somewhere?
& i'm almost positive I've heard of your org somewhere. I definitely know about the ride across America somehow. Awesome stuff! I'm all about it man!

I would definitely love to talk/connect.
you can email me any time at
I'll text you my cell # too.