Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5AM, ridge, & EVERYBODY

(WHOOOOO! Sunday was AWESOME!!!)
when you're a "load in" church (rent a facility & can't leave your gear set up) and you're having church on Sunday nights it's not that big a deal. we used to meet at the office at 11AM to load in for the service at 6PM.
BUT when you move your service time to Sunday mornings - all your sacred sleep is gone! Sunday was our 1st ever Sunday morning worship gathering at Ridge church... ever! We were so stoked. I knew I needed to be up at 5AM. coincidentally our AC broke in our house on Saturday afternoon - whooohoo. 
it was pretty flippin' hot. 82 when we went to bed. So, the heat combined with all my built up excitement & adrenaline about the next morning caused me to toss and turn for a long time. so 5AM came really early... but it was totally worth it!

Tons of volunteers were pouring in at 6:30AM to set up our environments. the place looked pimp. we had our 1st ever "core worship" gathering for all our volunteers at 9:30AM. The Upstreet team meeting was packed with some awesome peeps ready to rock some kids' lives with love.
Andy Stanley brought it with the 1st part of our EVERYBODY series = "Everybody's Invited" & it's so cool to be a part of a church that IS NOT JUST for "church people" - but for EVERYBODY!

All the Upstreet volunteers knocked it out of the park as we kicked off our series on Humility... "God wants you to remember 
it's not all about you!"

I'm so stoked to be a part of God's movement in this city... I'm overwhelmed by the lives He's going to change & the glory He's going to get. I can't imagine doing anything else than working to spread His fame & I'm so happy to be doing it with Ridge church!

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LB said...

Congrats, we are excited for you guys getting the prime time Sunday slot at the Levine....