Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I started ANOTHER new book (what's a "pot book"?)

It's not secret that my ADD really kicks in when it comes to reading. I'm never reading only 1 book at a time. I'm always adding new books to read. Just look to the right in the "books i am currently reading" section (which needs to be updated, btw). Also read HERE about one of my ADD reading rampages.Anyway, really my only addiction is reading & what really gets me are new books that come out. I feel like I HAVE to read it right away. This happened recently when I was browsing through Border's and saw that Bill Hybels had written a new book. I have several other books by Hybels, but my favs are Holy Discontent & Courageous Leadership. I know he's one of the greatest leaders of our time so I got really excited about this new book!

It's titled Axiom: Powerful Leadership Proverbs & it looked AWESOME! So I bought it. Basically it contains 76 leadership proverbs, principles... AXIOMS - straight from Hybels' experience. Each axiom is only 3-4 pages. I thought to myself "this is the PERFECT pot book!" And no, a pot book is not something I read while smoking pot. You figure it out. Needless to say, I find every opportunity I can to use my time wisely to read books. I've read several Piper books that were "pot books". It's a great practice that you should try sometime. You just read 1 section per day from your "pot book" & then before you know it you've read the whole book. You may as well start with Axiom & you can buy it HERE.

So, I should be done with Axiom in 76 days (well 72 days now since I've read the first 4 axioms over the last 4 days) & also a much better & wiser leader.

OK, next post I haven't decided if I'm gonna tell you about our "rock band" or post "quotes of the week" - we'll see how I feel.

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Son of Emery said...

dude. i love books. i think my monthly expenses are these in order of importance: rent, food, gas, books. keep reading. keep me informed on what you're reading. i'v got like 5 books going right now myself. i love it.