Sunday, September 28, 2008


life is short. is that a cliche? not sure how else to say it? life, for some peeps, don't last as long as we expect. we take it for granted.
life IS short.

death makes me sick on my stomach. it hurts. I don't think we can really comprehend it. our human perspectives are too small. but to put it "humanly", death sucks.

i love life. I want to live it to the fullest. I was reminded of that today. I want to do a whole lot MORE to bring fame to Jesus. but if somehow I can make Jesus more famous in death... then bring it on. that's all life's about anyway.
but as long as I've got life... I'm livin' it all out.

death hurts me. it hurts that a person can stop existing on earth. i can't understand it. i don't think any of us really can.
but i know there's a girl who acted a lot like Jesus would act & we won't ever talk to her again in life. that's hard to understand. i hope her death makes Jesus famous. we miss her though. & it hurts. because life is short.


hassanpour said...

i hear ya.

the wife and i spent some time talking about janet and her impact on so many people. we want to bring God that same kind of glory with our lives. we want to leave an impact on those we meet. her life will be a challenge for us to live up to.

it really made us think about how many days we waste accomplishing very little or nothing for the glory and cause of Christ

Anonymous said...


I am sorry for your and Crystals loss. My prayers are with you guys.


patrick mitchell said...

Thanks for your prayers EZ... i know her family needs them now.
Great talkin' with ya last night Kris...
Janet was a pretty awesome girl & lived like Jesus. Hopefully her life will get broadcasted even more because of her death.