Saturday, September 27, 2008

driscoll on piper

I read a blog this week I thought some of you might wanna read. It's a little bit similar to an article I wrote earlier in the year about Piper HERE.

One of my fav pastors & speakers is Mark Driscoll & he's all about Piper. They're homeboys too. He wrote a blog called "Why I Love John Piper." Pretty good read. I like it. Especially reason #4 = "By not trying to be cool... he's cool." I DEFINITELY resonate with Driscoll betting that Piper's only got 1 jacket. It's this ugly tweed blue one he wears all the time... every time he was at Passion for the last 10 years anyway.
Read Driscoll's blog HERE

And make sure you watch the video interview with Piper. it's pretty cool. Piper mentions the college his dad went to! I almost choked on my orange juice! really good interview though... I love watching these 2 guys talk.

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