Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ridge staff VIP tour

Chris (our lead pastor) planned a "shindig" (as Melissa referred to it) for our staff last wednesday. we've done this kind of thing before - always pretty cool & pretty fun. 

This time we hit up Bobcats arena (Time Warner Cable Arena) - where our beloved Charlotte Bobcats play & got the VIP tour. went in through the VIP entrance & got to see like every inch of that place.

Our friend from Ridge - Zach Sneed - works for the Bobcats & he hooked us up with this VIP treatment & was our awesome behind the scenes guide for the day. 
This arena is straight up amazing! Definitely one of the nicest in the league... super modern... and endless clubs! I can't even remember how many there were! All these exclusive clubs throughout the arena - mainly for rich season ticket holders. By far the coolest was the "Hardwood Club". They get to hang out in a little bar that is right beside the tunnel where the players run out onto the court. + their season ticket seats are the "Spike Lee/Jack Nicholson" seats = those are the ones where your feet are actually on the floor right beside the home team bench. Zach told us those seats go for $1,000 per game! The whole package of the Hardwood club season tickets is well over $200K!!! pretty crazy money.

We got to watch the bobcats practice on the practice court & see morrison's stache & hair in a ponytail that he hasn't cut in like 3 years. Oh, btw, I'll go ahead & make my prediction = Bobcats DEFINITELY make the playoffs this year & I'm really thinking they'll even make it to the 2nd round!
Then we got to walk around the court. Adam was trying to bet Rusty that he could hang on the rim - but it never went down. I would've bet against Adam. There's a pic below of our staff standing at center court - taken by Melissa's camera phone, so the quality is obviously not the greatest.

Big thanks to Zach for hooking us up with the VIP treatment. He may have talked me into buying some season tix once me & crystal get some money. anyone wanna split them with me?

Then we stayed downtown & went to RiRa's only THE greatest Irish pub in downtown Charlotte. of course I had the fish & chips. That's where we had staff meeting... our last staff meeting the pre-sunday morning era! that's right baby! Every sunday morning you can find the peeps of Ridge church at the levine center. 
Good times with the ridge staff... I'm stoked to be a part of it.

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Anonymous said...

Have to agree on the Irish Pub. Use to take Paula and family there to eat. Love the food...