Thursday, July 22, 2010

i'm learning Swahili

you read that right. i'm trying to learn Swahili - yes the language - in the next 2 months!
Crystal and I are going to Kenya which you could read about HERE. We'll be there in September and October and can't wait for God to use us and change us at the same time.

So for a couple bucks i bought Crystal and i an iPhone app that teaches us Swahili and it's actually pretty awesome! a native Kenyan speaks it to you and you repeat it, quiz yourself, etc...
My goal is to be extremely well versed in conversational Swahili by the time we leave on September 16th.

When we visit some Compassion children we sponsor and Erick that Upstreet sponsors, i think they'll be shocked when we start speaking their native language!

i've always been decent at learning languages. when i was in Mexico for a week i didn't speak a word of English (my grammar wasn't always the best but i made it work).
And the semester after i returned from living in Africa i learned to speak Bemba, which is a Zambian dialect. i had a handful of Zambian students to practice and converse with during that time...

*So, i just need someone fluent in Swahili that's willing to go to lunch and have some conversations!

now, kufanya kazi...

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