Sunday, July 11, 2010

revisiting my $ dilemma

i wrote about my $ dilemma a couple weeks ago HERE. i asked for all you wise peeps to give me some advice. a lot of you emailed me and wrote/talked to me privately. i appreciate everything. you all said a lot of really good stuff. i feel like i could write a book on all the advice.

As i wrote the article about my dilemma i was already thinking that it was possibly just one of those tensions to manage not a problem to solve. that's quoting Andy & i wrote about his brilliant concept HERE. (it's also the theme of Catalyst this year!)

then, somebody actually wrote that very thing an email to me. pretty cool.

basically giving and saving will probably always be a tension to manage. it feels like a dilemma to me... a problem to solve, but it's not really. because i'll never solve it. both are needed.

so balance is key which many of you said, *BUT i would argue that pretty much ALL OF US are way out of balance to one side of this tension. and i think we all know which side. i've never met or heard of anyone who was out balance and gave away too much money. i don't know that it's possible.

(i love what i heard Francis Chan say 1 time = "Do you think you'll get to heaven and Jesus will say 'What were you thinking? you gave away way too much!'" probably not...)

so, for me, i'm going to fight and work toward "balance"... but balance really means giving away a whole lot more.

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