Monday, July 12, 2010

the world cup is over

the last month has been awesome. i've loved ever second of it. a soccer lover's dream. 64 of the best soccer matches on pretty much every day for a month!

the World Cup Final yesterday wasn't the greatest played game by a long stretch, but kept me entertained for sure.

I generally like the Netherlands better than Spain - usually and I thought they had been playing better this past month. (Although Spain has the stacked team with the better players.)

BUT Dirk Kuyt has always annoyed me and this tourney Robben REALLY started to get on my nerves.

+ i'm a big Cesc Fabregas fan. He is one of my fav players in the world... naturally i've been upset at Spain for keeping him on the bench.
in my humble opinion - when Fabregas came in the game yesterday is when the game turned in Spain's favor! i think he changed the tone. i started really cheering when he started playing. before that i was pretty much neutral.
i was really excited to see Fabregas and really all the Spanish team celebrating their biggest win EVER.

i hope America caught a little more World Cup Fever this go round. it would be good for us. we think we're the most "advanced" but haven't even caught on to the most popular game in the world yet... or THE BIGGEST SPORTING EVENT IN THE WORLD! but, everyone was watching "the decision" with Lebron. (that blows my mind.)

hopefully the beautiful game will become a big deal here in our country. hopefully it will take over the streets during games like in every other country. (but by then hopefully i'll be living in one of those other countries.)

So, now that the World Cup is over i have a WHOLE LOT of free time in the evenings! it was a difficult task to watch all 64 games, but i made it happen. great tournament overall. i only wish i could have been there in South Africa.

can't wait til 2014 in Brazil. (Crystal and i are saving up already for 2018...)

now i'll have some time to watch my Yankees again who are kings of the world... their rightful place. + i'm stoked to actually get to follow my boys Newcastle on TV again this season as we're back up in the EPL. we have as many televised games as any team in the 1st half.

i hope you enjoyed World Cup 2010 from South Africa. it was a beautiful thing all the way around... like i wrote about HERE.

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