Thursday, July 15, 2010

is this still necessary?

really? these still exist in America? are these really necessary?

i think we would all agree phone booths are a thing of a past. they were for another generation, another time, another culture, another context. And ones like this were created to serve a culture that no longer exists!

i'm not against phone booths. they're just irrelevant pieces of history and changing rooms for Superman.

i can think of lots.


Anonymous said...

ATMs. That feels weird to me, because I remember when they first came out; but is there such a thing any more as a bank account without a debit card?

patrick mitchell said...

haha, that's so funny because i actually use ATM machines all the time! because we use only cash...
+ i always deposit checks at the ATM because it's fast.
so, of course everyone uses debit cards with their bank accounts, but i would argue ATMs are still relevant because i stop at one at least once a week.
(now let's see if we can find someone who uses a pay phone once a week!)