Sunday, July 25, 2010

who 1st came up with it? (fries with burgers)

Fries just go with burgers.

they're just a great fit. like peanut butter with jelly and milk with oreos. they go together.

but they were invented at different times in different places. so, who was the 1st guy to sit there and think "ya know, hamburgers should always be eaten with french fries!"

the other day i had a burger without fries. it just wasn't the same. i was like "you just have to have fries with your burger." that's what started me thinking about who came up with this brilliant combination.

so as i'm sometimes prone to do, i went digging online (usually starting with the always "trustworthy" wikipedia) to see if i could get an answer.
i didn't find much help for who started the trend of the fries with burgers combo, but it looks like fries as a SIDE dish were invented in Belgium long ago by the poor peeps who lived by the rivers. They usually fried fish to be their side dishes, but when the rivers were frozen in the winters, they came up with fries...

whoever decided to put them with burgers... thanks.
the classic combo.

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