Thursday, July 8, 2010

a successful leader (campus director)

i'm in this awesome coaching network with Tony Morgan and some other great leaders that have become my friends. i'm learning so much, but i feel like i haven't been able to write much about it. writing really helps me process what i'm learning.
i'm meeting up with these leadership coaching guys again next week, so i thought i'd post some learnings about leadership as it relates to multi-site ministry & being a campus pastor. i'm not a campus pastor or anything, but i think a lot of these principles will apply to my future in some way.

+ i have a lot of conversations with campus pastors or guys headed that way. i told several i would send these thoughts to them... easier to just write about them on here.

These are some great thoughts from Tony..
5 Key Factors Affecting the Success of Multi Site:

1.            Leadership – the success of a campus pretty much depends on leadership! [besides God, of course.] (leadership is by far the most important factor!)
*from that we had a great conversation around what makes a successful/good campus pastor?
            1)            he/she must have the same vision, mission, & values of the "mother" church. this should be obvious, but they've gotta be 100% bought in. so, of course the easiest is obviously to hire from within… leaders you’ve already developed. [i bet there's a WAY better success rate for campus pastors/directors from within.]

            2)            Strong Leader. Leadership probably needs to be their primary spiritual gift. They’ll have to do everything through other people. A Campus is primarily volunteer driven (not staff). They'll have to be constantly building teams.

            3)            Good communicator, but doesn’t necessarily have to be great. that's the beauty of video technology.

            4)            Highly relational. relates to #2 a little. must love people and be willing to spend most of their time with people.

            5)            Driven. Gotta be a guy who can launch something & keep it going
*This really needs to be someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. even better if they have started something from scratch and led it to be successful.
            6) i would love to add one = CALLING. i think success also depends on (at the very least) God calling the person to be the campus director/pastor. i think there's a big difference between being called & the church leaders just picking out some joker and asking him to go do it.

wow. all that sounds awesome and really gets me excited... maybe i'll end up doing that one day?

<& just so i don't leave you hanging, in case you're interested, here are quickly #2-5 on multi-site success>
2.            Location – physical location & the facility itself. (if push came to shove, choose physical location over facility). Pretty essential.
3.            Programming/worship experience – has to be at same excellence level of original!
4.            Time factor – to do new campuses well it takes time.

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