Friday, July 2, 2010

halfway through

we are officially halfway through 2010. 6 months down and 6 months to go.

WOW. it went FAST! and i can pretty much guarantee that this next 6 months will go by twice as fast. at least for me. (feels like i'll be gone for half of it.)

So, how was your 1st 6 months? set any New Year's Resolutions that you're still disciplined at keeping?

i set some goals for 2010 and posted them HERE at the beginning of the year. i haven't looked at them yet, but i'm posting this as an accountability to force me to check up on myself within the next week. i'll maybe post about how i'm doing. unless i'm just really sucking.
i also had some reading goals and a reading list i posted HERE. i think i'm slightly behind.

i'll post soon about where i'm doing ok and where i need to crank it up.

What about YOU? what were your 2010 goals and how are they looking now that we're halfway through?

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