Saturday, July 10, 2010

revisiting my 2010 goals (halfway through)

this was a good process for me - to revisit all my 2010 goals i set at the beginning of the year. you can check them out HERE. i posted them to be a little extra accountability for me. so, let's see how i'm doing.
i figured halfway through the year is a great time to check my progress...

*doing pretty well in this category overall

- a tiny bit behind on reading 50 books (read 23 by halfway) and writing 300 blog articles (wrote 134 by halfway)... but that's pretty much on pace. but i'm really doing well leveraging my drive time to constantly learn & grow.

- *not doing well on this one = "read Relevant & Christianity Today issues when they come to the mail box instead of piling them up on the floor. (ultimatum I've given myself or of course I'll have to cancel my subscriptions!)" haha, looks like i'll have to cancel if i don't read them all in these next 6 months.

- recently doing great watching 1 TED talk each week. i've discovered it's perfect timing to watch one while i eat lunch one day.

*We are totally on track on all our financial goals. i feel like i want to up the ante with these!

*i'm nailing all these goals too! pretty excited! the only one i screw up on sometimes is "don't eat like an idiot anymore." but seriously, it feels good meeting these physical goals & i feel so much better!

- i'm doing really good taking a weekly sabbath, weekly date night, a daily finish line, etc... all no matter what. but not doing that great getting away to the lake or the beach every month or so... it's only happened twice in 6 months.

- still going through the Bible Experience and my goal is to "read" the whole Bible this year. but i'm currently only in Judges.... i need to move along.

- been able to read Psalms, Proverbs, journal each day, etc... but i really need to kick my study of "the gospel" into high gear. i've been able to read 3 of the 4 gospels in 1 sitting, but not much intense study beyond that.

wow. that's pretty much it. i think i'm doing better than i thought i was. definitely some stuff i've gotta pick up the slack on in the next 6 months, but i am so much farther ahead than if i would have NOT set any goals!

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