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my top 10 most memorable Passion moments

Around the time that Passion 2010 was going on I wrote several thoughts & articles about the Passion movement and how it has dramatically changed my life. You can read some of those HERE, HERE, and HERE.
That's when I promised that I was going to share my "top 10 most memorable Passion moments". I figured this would be a great time to post them since over 20K students might be experiencing PPS (Post Passion Syndrome) right about now...

these are just off the top of my head. Spent 30 seconds thinking about this list...
So here they are:
#10 - Ethan's Explorer getting broken into in downtown Nashville & all his CDs getting stolen out of the front seat at Passion 05! We were all riding in my best friend Ethan's Explorer and came back to it at like midnight to discover glass all over the front seats!

#9 - weeping next to the Zamboni at community group in the basement of some building in Nashville at Passion 06. I can vividly remember this moment. You would remember if you were in this community group = it was in this crazy underground warehouse place... kind of freaky. The South African guy was our leader & I think Kristian Stanfill was our worship leader. God overwhelmed be that night about working for Him too much, but not enjoying His presence... I snuck over to a corner garage room where the Zamboni was parked and just poured my heart out to God and wept.

#8 - Louie's last night talk at Passion 05. It was so huge for me that night! I was carrying around such massive guilt every time I sinned. He role played me & Satan with the guilt thing. He was talking about how Satan keeps bringing up our sin and wanting to talk about it & then Louie just busted it out = "You wanna talk about my past & my sin? OK, Satan, let's look at my sin... oh, there it is, right there, nailed to the cross! how bout we talk about that for a while?!!" God freed me from a lot of guilt that night!

 #7 - One morning at Passion 05 Matt Redman led "Blessed Be Your Name" which I had probably sung hundreds of times, BUT... they had some video with all the names of God rushing at us as we sang and blessed the name of the Lord. It was completely overwhelming! It was a "God moment" where we totally focused on worshiping God for all He is...

#6 - Louie's talk the last night of Passion 06. It was his talk that was titled something like "After party for the nations". It was straight pimp. I was already all out following God to lead me to spread His fame to unreached people... this talk just made me jump out of my skin with excitement and passion though. I remember he said you might feel like God is calling you to the nations, but you'll be bombarded with all kinds of Questions from your parents, friends, etc... Like how are you going to get there? How are you going to pay for it? And Louie's response was beautiful = "I don't know where I'm going, or how I'm getting there, or how I'll pay for it... but I know who's going with me!"

#5 - John Piper's talk at One Day 03 about the Holiness of God. I never knew what it the "holiness of God" was before. I just knew He was holy... and it meant something like "set apart." I had no idea it was all about His ridiculously unique Glory. I have listened to that talk a ton of times and it has shaped my life and my view of God!

#4 - the 1st year of Do Something Now at Passion 07. That was straight up amazing and I still remember all the cool stuff me & Crystal got to be a part of! Like helping pay for a Scripture translation for an unreached people group, build a community center in Baghdad, Iraq, pay for a surgery for a child in poverty, build a well in Africa, and on and on. All in all students gave over 1 million dollars! You can read all about it HERE.

#3 - Maybe one of the most intense worship moments of my life? At the last "Late Night" session of Passion 05. It seemed like we went at it for hours... I think literally from 11pm - 2am? (Someone can correct me if I'm wrong?) This was after thousands of us had walked from across downtown Nashville in complete silence... so there was a lot of pent up energy!
Probably around 1am and we were all running on pure adrenaline, Crowder was leading us in "Our Love is Loud". On like the last chorus we were rocking the joint... literally blowing the roof off the place = "when we life our voices louder still, CAN YOU HEAR US? CAN YOU FEEL - We Love You, Lord, we love You, we love You!"
and as we sang that question it almost felt like i heard the heavens shout back "YES!" Like all the angels just shouted back = "YES! we hear you & we feel you! You are rattling the heavens!" I know it sounds crazy... but it was crazy. God was there... in the middle of us...

#2 - being prayed over by so many around me for God to send me to spread His fame to the nations... The final morning of Passion 05 Louie felt like he wanted to pray over everyone that felt like God was sending them to spread His Name to the people groups who don't know Him. I stood up with tons of others and Louie prayed over us + the hundreds in our section around each of us came in close and laid there hands on me and prayed over me. It was powerful. [I remember my college pastor at the time (who had been a missionary in Africa for like 15 years himself) praying over me and then later in the parking lot jumping up and down vertically in excitement! haha, still makes me laugh & smile.]

#1 - "You're All I Want" Do you even remember that song? (I don't even know who wrote it?) Well, we actually sang it at the 1st Passion gathering I was at back in the day. I don't remember who was leading it... but it goes like "You're all I want, You're all I've ever needed." I had sung that at my church a million times, but in that moment, and at that time in my life being so GOD-focused and satisfied in Him = I whole-heartedly meant it! I wasn't just singing a song, but that was my true heart before God... HE was all i wanted and all i needed. 
And that's my #1 moment, because i know that's what Passion is all about and it's what i want my life to be about... God is all I want and all I need... He's more than enough.  

So, there you go. my top 10 Passion moments. Some of these were personal, but i bet a lot of you might remember some of these moments!



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Nathanael Avery said...

Passion 2010 - A time of worship with Hillsong United with 12,000+ college students was honestly the closest glimpse of what heaven may be like that I have ever experienced.