Thursday, January 21, 2010

on cars & the Kingdom

yesterday i found over 100 blog posts that i have partially written over the past year but never published. Crazy, eh?
they are anywhere from 5% - 95% complete. wide range.

below was the start of a thought/blog post that I wrote back in June and July during my "blog party" for my Caddy going over 200,000 miles.
You can catch up and read all about that HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

passing 200K and still driving that 20 year old Caddy provoked a celebration in my heart! And then here's what I wrote, but forgot about and never published:

*what I'm thinking on now:
I drive this junky car so that "I live with less so that I can give more." I've got to keep making sure I'm giving more!
And I do this in the area of my car, but what other areas can I live this way in???

Those were the completely unprocessed and unfiltered thoughts of my heart. That's the reason I was passionate about driving the Caddy "forever" and being in the Junky Car Club... not necessarily because i didn't have the $ to buy a new car, but because i don't want to spend $ on a new car when i could give that $ to something way more significant and important! 

in a big way for me (& why i titled the post "on cars & the Kingdom") my Caddy was FOR the Kingdom of God. I drive it for the sake of God's Name and Kingdom to advance... so the money i would spend on a car payment can be used for Kingdom purposes.

The reminder for me was to make sure i am always actually "giving more" because of God blessing me to keep driving this old Caddy. And also continually challenging my lifestyle in every area and ask = "where can i spend less on something, so that i can give more?"

Anyway, i just thought this was an appropriate intro to the post i'll write later today. it will be BIG NEWS related to the Caddy and me! big time news...
a "big announcement" we can call it!

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