Monday, August 9, 2010

guest blogger - Scott Grace

i love reading Scott Grace.

i think i always will because he is a great writer. you should check out his blog HERE.

he also happens to be a friend of mine and i think we may be hanging out over the Christmas holidays up in New York. i look forward to those conversations over cups of coffee.

i wish we had been better friends in college and hung out more. i think that would have been cool, but i'm glad we're friends now.

Scott is brilliant. His brain works differently than mine. He writes differently than me.
i love Scott and i love the way he writes. sometimes he says a simple phrase that just slays me for days. he's made renown's "quotes of the week" many times.

last year when i went on vacation i asked a few of my friends to write guest blogs for renown to post while i was away. one of those guys was Scott.
for his own reasons he asked his posts to remain anonymous, so i published them under the pseudonym "Winston Smith" and even gave him a face. i introduced him HERE.

His posts were way more intellectually intense than anything ever seen before on renown and they definitely generated a lot of discussion! you can read that article and the almost 20 comments HERE.

just let that whet your appetite for Part 1 of his guest post tomorrow.

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