Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the preface (guest blog)

This is a guest blog from my friend Scott Grace. (I introduced him in yesterday's post.)
This is just the "preface" or Part 1... you can read Part 2 tomorrow.

"I went on vacation this past week to Camp-of-the-Woods (it’s in the Adirondacks). In my pea-brain mind I assumed that this camp was somehow related to the famous Word of Life Camps (just over the mountains). Any how, I was wrong. Apparently the camp (Camp-of-the-Woods) is run by “The Gospel Volunteers,” an organization started by constituents who, being unhappy with the liberalizing Salvation Army, left and began their own ministry. It was started as a conservative reaction to the “social gospel” that had infiltrated the Salvation Army.

One of the perks of the camp is they invite “big name” evangelicals to come. I heard Josh McDowell, his son Sean McDowell (who was the best of the three speakers by far), and Norman Geisler. Honestly, I have never really been a huge fan of Geisler primarily because he is so “sure” about everything (sort of like John McArthur, but a little more of a gentle spirit). Long ago his book Chosen but Free made me mad during my defender-of-Calvin days. So, I was interested to hear him speak, but I had made up my mind to be skeptical of whatever he said, and I was. I guess I am too sure about my own opinions, I apologize, Dr. Geisler.

Anyway, his topic for the week was “Can we trust the Bible?” and as you can imagine he spent a full session defending his “inerrancy” position. I find his methods of philosophical deductions valuable, but I think he missed painting the whole picture to the hearers. There was no mention of the Bible as ancient expressive religious literature. He presented it as a series of propositional statements (proof texting). He left very little room for hermeneutical issues, tradition, and genre issues, but I guess when you’re dealing with a random group of people (mainly old people) who are on vacation, you don’t want to get too crazy in your study. People will get upset."

to be continued...

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