Sunday, August 1, 2010

we're going on vacation!!!

Yep, Crystal and i are going on an almost 2 week vacation. we'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary of being married! pretty crazy...

we've never been on a vacation this long, but we are SOOOO looking forward to it!

for us, vacation is a non-negotiable.
when i work, i work really hard (or at least i try to). i put everything into my work and i work a lot.

but when i rest (like on my weekly sabbath), i really go all out and do no work. So, on this vacation i won't have a laptop, i won't be checking emails or voicemails or texts... i won't have anything to connect me to work (except for my brain and i'm going to try to shut that down too).

When i can truly disconnect from work i come back to my job (which is also my passion) much SHARPER and very REJUVENATED. My ideas are better and i'm more excited to do it!
after a nice relaxing vacation i do my job way better.

+ my body just needs a vacation. very badly. my brain, my work and stress levels all need a break.
and i really just need some ALONE time with my wife. 2 weeks in a romantic place with NO agenda. that's what we need and we're excited to just be with each other 24-7 for a while with no one else around.

we're going to Punta Cana and staying at an all inclusive resort that is adults only. it's gonna be amazing. we don't even need to leave the place if we don't want to. i'm told it's somewhere out in the Caribbean. but honestly i don't care. i just want my beautiful wife and a beautiful beach to be there and i'm good.

So, on my vacation i plan to:
sleep... a lot. basically as much as i want! no more 6am alarm every day. i'm gonna be LAZY for 2 weeks so i can not be lazy for the next 50.

2  spend a lot of awesome quality time with my God and my Creator in His beautiful creation. for me, time with God on the beach is like none other. it's amazingly intimate, experiential, mystical, deep, and sometimes ecstatic.

3  spend a lot of time with my gorgeous and amazing wife. She's my best friend and i like nothing better than to spend all my time with her!

read. that's just what i like to do at the beach. read... a lot. but i'll talk more about that in tomorrow's post!

5  have fun & eat way too much.

*So, i'm out for 2 weeks. i'll talk to some of you when i return. **There will still be daily posts on renown! there will be another guest blogger + i have several articles i just wrote that are set up to post, so keep checking in daily.

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