Tuesday, August 3, 2010

vacation reading list

still on the beach lovin' life! this is awesome.

i mentioned i plan on reading a lot. maybe you like to read on vacation and maybe you have one coming up? below are the books i'm taking on vacation this year.
(a new record! i limited the amount of books i'm taking to SINGLE digits! i'm weird with books and always take a ton because i never know what i'll feel like reading on a particular day...)

FICTION - i don't read fiction really. not since i was a 6th grader. starting last year i give myself like 1 fiction book per year to read. On the list for this year is the 2nd Harry Potter book - The Chamber of Secrets. (i read the 1st one last year.) then i'm also taking #3 in case i get hooked and just have to read the next one... (even though it's not on my 2010 list).

[i've got another fiction book i just bought that's not on my 2010 list, but i may just crack it open on vacation. i'll post about it in a couple days in a post called "it's been so long".
the rest of these books are on my 2010 reading list...]

BIOGRAPHY - i can't remember the last time i read a biography, but i'm taking one that i'm excited to read. The biography of George Muller. it's pretty thick... i think because he lived a life that demanded telling a lot of stories about. when i finish i bet he will be my new hero. (George is even rockin' a faux hawk in this pic!)

LEADERSHIP - i don't do any work while on vacation, but i am taking Maxwell's Developing the Leaders Around You with me in case i'm just aching for some leadership stuff.

[Re]Understanding Prayer - by Kyle Lake that i'm a good bit through already.
Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ - Piper
A New Kind of Christianity - the latest from Brian McLaren that i've cracked into a little.
The Next Christendom - Phillip Jenkins. i know the concept but am intrigued to read the actual book.

*Oh and 1 other important book i am bringing along that i guess would be in the tutorial or educational section.

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