Tuesday, August 24, 2010

newcastle's back

i have meant to write this blog ever since May. just now getting around to it.

soccer has always been my favorite sport. i love a lot of sports, but soccer is the beautiful game and there's just nothing else quite like it.

since i was a kid my favorite team in the world has been Newcastle United! i am a crazy Geordie and part of the Toon Army. Newcastle have been my boys and ALMOST won the Premier League title so many times and even qualified for the Champions League a couple times. Alan Shearer, the Newcastle native, was my favorite player & probably one of the best ever from England.

When i got married we ended up getting some channels that show pretty much all the Premier League games which has been awesome and i can watch Newcastle games!

But 2 seasons ago (08/09) the unthinkable happened! my team was relegated. They finished 3rd from the bottom of the league and were demoted to the lower division (the Championship). they missed staying up by 1 point. heartbreaking... (it takes some teams 100 years to be promoted back into the Premier League and some teams never make it back.)

i was furious and heartbroken because there was no way to watch any Newcastle games because they were playing in "the Championship" (lower division).
But thankfully, Newcastle blew away the competition and won the league outright getting over 100 points (all time record) and never ever losing a game at home the whole season at historic St. James' Park.
(btw - St. James' Park in Newcastle upon Tyne is in my top 5 places to visit on my bucket list. Home of the craziest fans on earth!!!)

so, so excited about this team that's still intact getting promoted back into the Premier League this season. Unfortunately our 1st game was AT Old Trafford against the Premier League greats, Manchester United.
but more on this season in the next post...

i just want to celebrate for 1 post that Newcastle is back in the Premier League!

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