Monday, August 2, 2010

2 great books by Luke & Matt

by the time you read this we are enjoying our vacation already in beautiful Punta Cana! i wrote about our vacation yesterday HERE.

1 of my 2010 goals was to dig and try to really understand The Gospel. the 1st part of that plan was going to read each gospel separately in 1 sitting. i think through and write out my initial thoughts after reading it like a novel and try to capture the author's heart and what he's really trying to say.

life has been so busy that i've only been able to do that with Mark and John's gospels so far. (1 on a day out at Lake Norman and 1 on a cruise to Cozumel... i really like to read the Bible around water!)

so, on this vacation i am going to be reading Matthew & Luke in 1 sitting on different days out on the beach in the Caribbean. i can't wait.

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