Wednesday, August 25, 2010

newcastle's back... with a vengeance

(You can catch up on my congrats post for Newcastle United being promoted back to the Premier League in yesterday's article HERE.)

so, so excited that my team is back in the Premier League this season and i fully plan on trying to watch every single Newcastle game this year.

My excitement carried me to crazy thoughts that we could at least draw with Manchester United in our 1st game back... at Old Trafford! we lost 3-0 and looked horrible.

Our 2nd game (this past sunday) was against Aston Villa. The team who had just pounded on West Ham (with new boss Avram Grant) 3-0 in their opening match. by this point i was not optimistic BUT at least we were playing at St. James' Park - the best place for soccer in the world... a place that we NEVER lost in 23 games last season in the Championship.

But, my optimism quickly ran away again when Harper slid into a forward from Villa in the box and we gave up a Penalty in the 1st 10 minutes. i was like "here we go... we give up a goal & now we won't be able to score, so we'll start off the season 0-2."

but Carew missed the PK! then what followed was a thing of beauty.
Joey Barton scored probably the most magnificent goal of the season so far! i love Joey Barton even though he has that ridiculous mustache that he promised not to shave until the Magpies win their 1st game.

Then one of my favs - Kevin Nolan scored 2 goals from midfield... and the youngster phenom (wanted by the likes of Chelsea) got a HAT TRICK. Andy Carrol is the future for Newcastle & he just scored a hat trick at 21 against Brad Friedel (one of the best keepers in the EPL). i am stoked.

i saw Alan Shearer up in his skybox taking a WAD of cash and laughing just after Carrol got his hat trick. he must have had a bet with a few people that Carroll would get a hat trick. that is awesome.

next week it's on to Goodison Park to take on Everton and another American Keeper - Tim Howard. i hope we can score 6 on him too!

i hope we can finish mid table this season (in the top 10 would be AWESOME). then next season top 7 and make the Europa league. then by 2012/13 i hope we're back in the top 4 and in the Champions League again. we're headed in the right direction... at least this week.

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